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Custom Button

Discover Maniak Prints’ custom buttons, your go-to for adding flair or advocating for causes. Select from a vast color range and bring your designs to life with vibrant inks on matte or gloss paper. Button up with a timeless accessory that’s uniquely you. Start crafting your personalized touch today.

Artwork must be on round 3 by 3 with .125 bleed


Button top Coat

Same Day Production

Shipping & Delivery


Looking for a reliable local delivery service? Maniak Prints will provide your finished products any time you need them. Get the help you need without the
hassle. Maniak Prints’ same-day shipping service is tailored for clients needing an item or multiple items delivered today.


To ensure that proper packaging is used and that contents are adequately and securely packed, wrapped, and cushioned for transportation, we always:

  • Use a new or almost new rigid box with flaps intact
  • Wrap all items separately
  • Use the adequate cushioning material
  • Use strong tape designed for shipping
  • Never use string or paper overwrap

Each package will also be properly labeled with an approved UPS label containing a valid UPS tracking number.

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